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How to survive -40°C

Kitting out the team for sub-zero Siberian conditions

Our team of Riders from Lithuania, Ireland, Germany, Argentina and the UK are about to embark on the toughest challenge imaginable, to traverse the frozen surface of Lake Baikal in Siberia in February 2o2o.

The team will have to endure eight days and nights on ice in temperatures as low -40 and with windchill possibly even lower. In these extreme conditions the right equipment and clothing are crucial to the wellbeing of the team and the success of the expedition.

Rukka Motorsport – our exclusive partner for extreme weather garments

Rukka Motorcycle Clothing are providing all the garments for the Baikal Project Team and Crew.  All motorcycle garments were custom fitted for each rider based on Rukka’s Defence & Comport Philosophy. Rukka Defence & Comfort clothes are designed to meet even the strictest criteria set for weather-proofing and riding comfort. All Rukka motorcycling garments carry the Rukka Air protectors. The only breathable shoulder, elbow, knee, shin and hip protectors in the market to meet the CE norm EN 1621-1 2012 and function equally in all weather conditions.
The elastic protector divides the possible impact into a wide area and acts as a shock absorber.

With the reflective materials, Rukka introduces another feature for enhanced safety. Under normal daylight conditions, these Rukka materials appear “normal”, but if directly lit by vehicle headlights in the dark, they reflect the light glaring white.

Surviving the bitter Siberian nights on a frozen Lake Baikal with Bereg Tents

Bereg Tents will be used exclusively for the Baikal Project Expedition in Siberia In February 2o2o. Bereg Tents are specifically designed for extreme weather conditions. At the Baikal Project Shakedown at the Arctic Circle we put the tents through several tests and all were passed with flying colours.
We checked assembly times, heat retention, wall moisture/condensation, comfort, head room, ventilation and disassembly. These tents can be put up in a matter of minutes which is ideal especially when it is bitter cold outside. These tents allow the user to camp at temperatures from +30 as a single layer tent or to -50 degrees Celsius, when used with the three layers and a stove.