Day 2 On The Ice

🥶🥶 DAY 2 ON THE ICE for The Baikal Project.

After an early night – due to pure exhaustion – so no crazy stuff 👯‍♂️🤪 – TEAM BAIKAL is well rested and ready for the 2nd leg of the tour from Listvyanka to Buguldeyka.🤘
The 130 km journey leads the riders through some rough and dangerous terrain on yet another crisp Siberian morning. ❄️ We’re facing cracks in the ice filled with newly frozen water which is very unpredictable and lethal for our 3.5 ton UAZ ice vehicle so our local expert checks the thickness of the ice – we need at least 35 cm. After another successful and challenging day we stay at the home of the fabulous Valentina 🤩🤗👏 Karolis Mieliauskas knows Valentina from one of his previous expeditions to Baikal.

Photos by Egidijus Babelis