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Racing At The Baikal Mile

Team Baikal is racing at the Baikal Mile Ice Speed Festival in Maksimikha, Lake Baikal today.

A few more impressions from the crazy thing that is the Baikal Mile Ice Speed Festival. Team Baikal have been invited to race here at this annual event on the frozen Lake Baikal and today’s the day! Another extremely cool experience for the team that draws huge media attention 👊😎

Watch The Baikal Project riders and Ural sidecar in action at the Baikal Mile Ice Speed Festival🏎🚴🏻‍♂️🚜🛸🏍🛺🚎with all the other lunatics 🤘The UAZ also takes the challenge and makes a record breaking 60 mph 😉🤣
There’s even a Bentley on tracks 🤩😎 Experience of a lifetime 🙌👏

Video by Simas Šuminskas
Photos by Egidijus Babelis