Ready to Rock

👊⭐️This is it! Time to get things rolling⭐️👊 Gary O Keeffe has arrived in the UAZ Ice Vehicle 🚀🤣 so after a nerve-racking few days, we’re ready to rock 😎
We’re testing the bikes on Lake Baikal in the morning and conditions are excellent 💯👍The ice is not perfect but thick enough so tomorrow morning we’re heading off on our 700km journey north across Lake Baikal to have a go at two Guinness Word Records 🏆🏆

Watch as a very excited Team Baikal take their bikes down to the lake for a spin on another glorious Siberian morning. While Fritz Kreis is happy to skip breakfast to head down first thing 🤪, the others are not so sure 🤨… The production team play it safe on the 2019 Ural close to shore while the riders disappear in the distance 🚀😎

Video by Simas Šuminskas
Photos by Egidijus Babelis